Sunday, August 31, 2008

book review: "Black House" by Stephen King & Peter Straub

Stephen King & Peter Straub

Jack Sawyer, hero of “The Talisman”, is forced to remember the summer he was twelve years old and traveled to a parallel world called the Territories, when a series of child abductions and murders disturbs the town he has settled in two decades later.

None of the characters we met the first time appear except Speedy Parker, but we are introduced to new and equally interesting characters – Henry Leyden, the blind man who could see, and the Thunder Five, bikers who happen to be college graduates and brew great beer. The novel begins slowly but picks up after the first hundred pages, and despite it being written by King and Straub, it is almost purely King’s voice we hear. Most reminiscent of another King work “It”, “Black House” is ultimately about a quest to save the world, and like King’s other novels, tells us that despite the horror one may encounter along the way, one needs only to believe in good for good to triumph in the end.


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